Monday, 12 September 2016


Friends are the family we choose.

My lovely friend is having a bit of a hard time at the moment and is struggling to stitch.  I have therefore happily agreed to finish the hardanger part of a ring cushion.

The design is by Col's Creations. 

I started it at a get-together on Saturday and I'm pleased to have got this far over the weekend (despite so many pleasant distractions).

As you can see we're a happy bunch.  Among our number here, we have a lady from The Netherlands and a lady from Canada! 

We were all spoilt by so many gifts!  Colly made each of us a gorgeous cushion in our favourite colour:

Maria made up a gift bag each filled with so many crafty bits and pieces. Her granddaughter made each of us a pretty little bracelet too!

And Sarah made us each a beautiful angel:

It's good to have such great friends


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