Monday, 2 May 2016


As the year began I tried to make as much progress as possible on Efteling before my surgery.

By the day before I went under the knife, this was as far as I'd reached.

I wrongly figured that during the planned 6 weeks sick leave post surgery would see me complete Efteling. Unfortunately shoulder surgery and stitching are not good bed fellows. I ended up having 10 weeks off work and it wasn't until week 8 that I was able to stitch for longer than around 20 minutes at a time.

Eventually, some 16 weeks after my shoulder operation I have finished Efteling!

It needs pressing of course and framing.  I'm very chuffed with it.

My work colleague is a very special lady. Nothing is too much trouble.  For her birthday I made a couple of items for her desk.


  1. Efterling looks great, can't wait to see it framed.
    Your work colleague is a lucky lady, they are lovely gifts.,xx